about me

hi, my name is daze. i'm a 19 year old person living in canada, who enjoys computers, art, and the internet. i made this website to have a place to dump whatever thoughts, art, or other projects i might have, and to practice my html/css/javascript skillz.

this site is inspired by the websites of the late 90's / early 2000's. there was something wonderful about the pre-social media internet, that i was unfortunately born too late too experience firsthand.

personal bio

real name: ???

gender: male

age: nineteen

birthday: july 20th

country: canada

stuff i like


drawing, guitar, "programming", swimming


minecraft, team fortress 2, mother 2 and 3, mario kart, civilization 5 and 6, risk of rain 2, the binding of isaac, garfield kart, omori


the eric andre show, trailer park boys, twin peaks, the x-files, south park


mac'n'cheese, steak, spaghetti, fries, pancakes


slowdive, daft punk, ween, dire straits, lil ugly mane, machine girl, aphex twin, death grips, big black, Кино, my chemical romance

social media

i don't use much of this

discord: daze#0264